Since the existing permission was granted, a number of significant changes have taken place to planning guidance and building regulations requiring a second core in tall buildings. This has had a significant impact on the ability of a building of this footprint to deliver a residential scheme without compromising the efficiency of the building and quality and size of the residential units.

Therefore, the most efficient use of this small plot, facilitating a compliant arrangement with two cores, is to provide student housing as this has a more efficient design and shallower floorplan than a full residential apartment. This new student housing will be provided by Your Tribe.

The new proposals include:

 A tall building 

The retention of the Grove St. and Oxestalls Road facades of the existing building

 Around 500 student rooms

Communal student facilities

Office space behind the retained Scott House façade

Café provision and new outdoor amenity space

The proposed building takes a similar approach to the existing building on site as the consented building, with the retention of the Scott House façade.

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We are also looking to improve the landscaping compared to the consented scheme. The south facing public realm fronts onto Grove Street to the east.

This pocket park will consist of a heavily planted landscape featuring a diverse selection of native plants, shrubs, and trees to enhance biodiversity. We are also proposing additional street trees to extend the public realm.

These corridors weave throughout the space creating scenic pathways encouraging leisurely strolls and providing a tranquil retreat for studying. These green corridors feature a diverse selection of native plants, shrubs, and trees to enhance biodiversity and create a calming atmosphere.

The heart of the public realm scheme creates a space where students can unwind, socialize, and connect with nature. Shaded seating areas and communal picnic tables facilitate social interaction and relaxation.

The eastern large area of paving will be a flexible seating area for the cafe residents to enjoy set within large tree planting.

Plan and images

The interior of the building will be designed to the highest standards including high sustainability and energy efficiency using a fabric first approach, recycled and reusable materials, reduced embodied carbon and renewable energy sources. Below you can see examples of how a nearby Tribe building at Ilderton Road will look which is currently under construction.


You can find out more about Your Tribe here.

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