Recording of first event (Thursday 11 January, 6pm)
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All the questions have been timestamped.  If you scroll through and click each question, you will start the recording of the video at the appropriate position. You can turn on the auto-generated captions (subtitles) by hovering over the video and pressing the CC button in the bottom right corner.

Here are the consultation slides used in the presentation: Consultation slides (warning opens a large file PDF)

  1. Start
  2. Introduction of panel members
  3. Architect's introduction
  4. Introduction to Tribe
  5. Architect's presentation of proposals
  6. Question on discussions with Lewisham Council
  7. Question on change of uses from existing consent
  8. Question on facilities on each floor
  9. Question on need for more student accomodation
  10. Question on allocation of affordable rooms
  11. Question on transport capacity
  12. Question on overseas marketing of rooms
  13. Question on lease length and holiday occupance
  14. Question on potential for pavement improvements
  15. Question on impact on local area of student rooms
  16. Question on building schedule
  17. Question on need for student rooms v other homes
  18. Question on identity of local universities
  19. Question on change of uses from existing consent
  20. Question on integration of students + community
  21. Question on need for different types of housing
  22. Closing remarks and how to provide feedback
  23. End